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For Dr. Pastore's Classes, Bloomsburg University

Your mission is to create an interactive PowerPoint lesson for your students or target audience.

Total points for the lesson is 111 points. Each category below is worth 3 points except for those indicated.  Your final product should be beta-tested in class by another student using this checklist!  Your final product will be put on the web as explained in a future class. You final product should be put on the web as explained in the directions at:


Points on Assignments: (A Reminder Copied from the Syllabus)

Each assignment is worth a certain number of points, however, you will not receive ANY points for an incomplete assignment.  In addition, you will not receive ANY points if you do not obtain at least 70% of the allocated points for the assignment.  The rationale for this policy is that an assignment that is partially completed or that is below the expected average of performance is not useful to you or your future students.



  Your lesson should be a minimum of 15 slides.
  At least 8 slides should  be of a tutorial nature (presenting information about a topic).
  At least 4 slides should be testing for content (at least 1 multiple choice question).
  At least 1 slide at the end (after the CORRECT multiple choice question) section notifying the student that they are at the end of the lesson (include return to title slide button here).
  If you an an Education major, the content should be a lesson that could be used in teaching (approved by me).
  The content should be appropriate for your major (approved by me). 
  The content should be appropriate for the grade level of the student or the audience.
  There should be no spelling or grammatical errors.



  Use of sound on the first and last slide. On the first slide, you must download a sound file from the web. INSERT/AUDIO ON MY PC. On the last slide you must use TRANISTIONS/SOUND.
  Readable text on all slides.

Use of animated gif AND a graphic moving across the slide, and a background on the first slide. (6 points)

To insert a background: 1) click the DESIGN tab 2) on the right-hand side, click the "FORMAT BACKGROUND" button
3) select PICTURE OR TEXT FILL 4) Click on the "PICTURE OR TEXT FILL" circle 5) insert your background from the FILE rectangle 6) adjust the transparency

Directions for a graphic moving across the slide will be given in class. First, you must INSERT/PICTURE and then go to ANIMATION/ANIMATION PANE. Note that animated gifs are not animated until you go into presentation mode.

  All buttons for navigation should be in the same location and not appear to "move."
  All slides must be free of technical problems including problems with sounds, links, and animation.



  The first slide should have your name, the name of the lesson, the subject area, and grade level. This slide should also have a forward button.
  The second slide should have a main menu.
  The second slide should have a minimum of 8 hyperlinks of graphics AND text. Exceptions can be made to this with permission.
  Each hyperlink should link to another slide that gives information of a tutorial nature (tutorial slides).
  Each tutorial slide should have a return button back to the main menu. 
  Each tutorial slide should have an appropriate graphic that reinforces the content THAT IS A DIFFERENT GRAPHIC THAN THE MAIN MENU.
  Each tutorial slide should have a minimum of 3 sentences. 
  The main menu should have a link to ONE multiple choice question.
  The main menu should have directions for navigation.
  The lesson should have one multiple choice question with three choices.
  For the multiple choice question, the wrong answer should only have a return button to the question slide and the right answer should link to the last slide.
  The multiple choice question must give feedback as to why the answer was wrong.
  All multiple choice feedback responses must be positive in nature!
  The last slide of the program should have have a Return to Title Slide button.  There should be a message letting the user know that she or he should click on the Return to Title Slide button for the next user.
  Graphics should reinforce your point, not "clutter" your lesson.
  The amount of text on each card should be limited.
  Users should navigate only by clicking on buttons or links.  Users should NOT be able to advance by clicking anywhere on the screen. To remove this feature, go to TRANSITIONS tab. Uncheck Advance slide on MOUSE CLICK on the right side of the screen and select APPLY TO ALL.
  Design should be consistent.
  Do not use sound to signify wrong answers. This could embarrass students.
  When using sound, hide the speaker graphic unless it needs to be seen. To do this, click on the speaker, then click on the PLAYBACK tab and select HIDE DURING SHOW.
  Underlining should only be used to signify hyperlinks.
  You need to remove 1) The navigation buttons that appear on the lower left of the screen and 2) the students ability to use the arrow keys to navigate. Fortunately, you can do this in one step by clicking on SLIDE SHOW/SET UP SLIDE SHOW /BROWSED AT KIOSK

You need to change the color scheme manually so that clicked hyperlinks don't appear as a different color. To do this, click on the VIEW tab and choose SLIDE MASTER. Select COLORS and then select CUSTOMIZE COLORS in the pop-up window. Change the HYPERLINK and FOLLOWED HYPERLINK to ths same color. Close SLIDE MASTER.


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