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50 total points

Please note that due to the personal nature of this assignment, you are not required to put it on your web site!

Your mission is to do a PowerPoint presentation to introduce yourself.  The purpose of this assignment is to:

1. Ensure that you know how to create a narrated slide show using PowerPoint using the "slide show" feature of PowerPoint

2. Learn how to use visuals as a communication tool

3. Learn how to design and deliver a streamlined digital information package about yourself


Following are the requirments :

___ You will present a minimum of 10 PowerPoint slides that introduce you to a prospective employer.

___ You may create more than 10 slides but you should keep your presentation between 1 minute and 2 minutes.

___ Use photographs

___ Use of one or more slide transitions.

___ Use music in the background FOR the entire presentation

___ Your voice should be clear and audible. The background music should not "drown" out your voice.

___ Your picture and name should be on the first slide.

___ Save the file as your first and last name

___ I will collect these files in a drop box and we will view them in class.


Following is the procedure for this project:

(PowerPoint MENU commands are in caps)

1. Create your slides.

2. Insert your photographs (INSERT/PICTURE).

3. Insert your transitions (TRANSITIONS). You can use the same tranistion throught the presentation or change them according to your design.

4. Prepare your script of what you are going to say.


6. Insert your background music and adjust the level. (INSERT / AUDIO / AUDIO ON MY PC / PLAY IN BACKGROUND

7. Adjust the VOLUME, Check START AUTOMATICALLY / Check PLAY ACROSS SLIDES. To adjust any of these settings, click on the speaker icon on the first slide and click on PLAYBACK in the menu.

8. To hide the icons from the lower left corner, choose SLIDE SHOW / SET UP SLIDE SHOW / BROWSE AT KIOSK.


Following is suggested information for this presentation:

For baclground music, search:

Google or YouTube for "royalty free background music"

To extract sound from YouTube:


NOTE: This project is about you. If you are bored doing it, them imagine that we will be more bored watching it. Be excited about yourself!

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