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The purpose of this exercise is to introduce you to Powtoons, a free online tool that enables you and your students to create animations. PLEASE NOT THAT I MUST APROVE THE TOPIC OR YOUR PROJECT BEFORE YOU BEGIN!


1. View ALL the video tutorials at: Powtoon Video Tutorials

This will take about 25 minutes of viewing but if you skip this, you will spend more time trying to figure out Powtoon and your presentation will be lacking in some of the good features that Powtoon offers.

2. Visit 11 Quick & Amazing Ways to Use PowToon in Your Classroom for ideas of how Powtoons can be used.

3. If you are not an Education major, visit the following links to see how Powtoons are using in other areas:



Human Resources

Information Technology

4. Decide on a topic. The topic should be related to your major. Then DISCUSS it with me and I will give you feedback.

5. Prepare your script. What are you going to say?

6. Record your video for at least 2 minutes. You must record your voice so you must use a microphone.

7. Share your video on YouTube but not in private mode. You will see that option for sending the video to YouTube when your are done recording.

8. Make a link on your "Course Assignments" page WITH an explanation of how this could be used in your class (Education Majors) or future career (Non-education Majors). Minimum of 5 sentences!

9. Log out of YouTube and test your link!


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