Digital Video Assignment
For Dr. Pastore's Classes
 70 points
as listed on the checklist

Updated September 25, 2017

Please note that you will turn in the completed checklist on the day that the movie is due!



The purpose of this assignment if for you to learn how to make effective use of digital video in the classroom to improve your teaching and student learning. Following are the activities you will do related to this mission:


Project Requirements

The Movie

Create and edit a digital movie. The topic and music MUST be approved by Dr. Pastore.

The movie must have the following characteristics:


The Web Page

Create a subpage on Wix under the COURSE ASSIGNMENTS page. Put a title on the subpage labeled "My Digital Video Project". Following are the requirments for this subpage:


Web Site Resources

Youtube EDU

11 Reasons Every Educator Needs a Video Strategy

Video in the Classroom - Livebinder

Clip Converter Extract and Convert Videos Online

Listen to YouTube Extract Audio


Final Note: You will be given a date when this COMPLETE project is due. When you walk in the room on the due date, your project must be 100% complete and you will turn in the following checklist have fun but also be sure to complete the project. If you encounter any problems along the way, please remember to communicate them with me!

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