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I just want to let you know that this course name has been changed from "Educational Computing" to "Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning." The name was changed to reflect the expansion of technology from "computers" to many other DEVICES and to focus the course on teaching and learning, NOT on the technologies.

The content of this course was also updated to 1) reflect and improve the technologies being used in the schools and 2) to make you become a future "technology" teacher and leader for technologies that are NOT being used in the schools.

I promise you the latest and greatest practical technologies that improve the teaching and learning process and do not take a great deal of teacher time.

Following are some possible questions you may encounter about technology during the interview process. Think about them as you progress through the course.


Essay Question from the PA Standard Teaching Application:

How Information Technology (i.e., computers, Internet) Can Be Integrated into the Instructional Process and Curriculum.


From 68 Interview Questions for Teachers:

•How would you apply technology to enhance daily instruction and increase student learning?
•What activities has this technology replaced, if any?
•Are you comfortable with the use of technology in the classroom?
•What are your computer skills? What computer software have you used?
•What technology-based activities do you have your students do?


Sample Teacher Questions on Technology (click on this link to see the suggested answers)

1. Can you please elaborate a little on your computer skills?

2. Do you think it’s fair to use modern aids such as technology in teaching as opposed to the old teaching methods?

3. Do you prefer the use of technology in your class?

4. In your teaching career, what are the different softwares you had to work with? Which one did you find more apt and for teaching and why?

5. Do you encourage your students for computer based activities and how do you guide them through it?

6. What do you have to say about the use of internet in schools? And as students may not use it wisely, what are the different methods you could suggest to monitor the use of it?

7. If you are to choose between classroom teaching and e-learning, what would you prefer and why?

8. In your teaching career have you ever observed if integrating technology in classrooms gathers more attention of the students than otherwise?
Answer: I’m sure all the teachers who got an opportunity to integrate technology in classrooms have observed this, at least for once if not more. Share your experience with the panel of interviewers.

9. Do you often use internet to gather information that could be used in your classes?

10. Are you a part of any teachers forum where you and your associates discuss about the ways to improve the teaching styles and ways to tackle difficult students on the basis of the extensive experience they may have in their career?


From I Want a Teaching job:

36.  How do you integrate technology into your teaching?

37.  Do you think it is appropriate for students to access the Internet in school?  If so, how do you monitor this?

38.  How do you think technology will change the way we teach in the next 20 years?

39.  Do you consider yourself a computer-literate person?  Why or why not?

40.  Give an example of a lesson that you've done with students that involved the use of computers.


Some additional questions for thought:

How can you use technology to differentiate instruction?

How can technology help students with special needs?

What are YOUR technology skills?

How can technology improve learning?

Name some technogies you have used as a teacher and how you OR your students used them.



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